The Corvette C8 gets a supercharger from Hennessey to raise the power to 708 horsepower

Al Murabaa Net – We continue to follow the latest creations of the American company Hennessey, famous for its bold modifications to American sports cars, the latest of which is the new Chevrolet Corvette C8, with a special focus on the naturally aspirated 6.2-liter mid-engine, which generates 490 hp and 630 Nm in the standard model.

Supercharger to raise the power above 700 hp

After adding a supercharger to the engine to compress the air inside the engine chamber faster, the power increased to 708 hp and torque to 865 Nm, which means that the car easily outperforms the industry-leading Corvette Z06 class that Chevrolet recently introduced with 670 hp and 624 Nm of torque from 5.5 liter engine.

Hennessey also updated the exhaust system in the car and added a new internal cooler, and the company requires $ 50,000 – 187,000 riyals to put the new updates in the Corvette C8 cars, and Hennessey will provide with the same package new lightweight rims measuring 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the back in dark black colors gray and others.

The most valuable supercar in the world!

Corvette, square net

Hennessey described the modified 708-horsepower Corvette C8 as “the most valuable supercar in the world,” thanks to its amazing performance and distinctive specifications compared to its competitive price, and the Corvette C8 continues with the same standard 8-speed double-clutch transmission without changes.

For those looking for an all-wheel-drive Corvette; They just have to wait for the new Corvette E-Ray Hybrid 2024, which Chevrolet recently revealed with the first hybrid engine in the model’s history, and will launch it in the global markets within a few weeks.

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Corvette, square net Corvette, square net Corvette, square net Corvette, square net Corvette, square net Corvette, square net Corvette, square net Corvette, square net

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