The coronavirus shoots up again in Europe, with Spain and France with 2,000 daily cases

The coronavirus cases soar again in Europe and, after a few months of falling data, infections again reach alarming figures: in France this day exceeded 2,200 and Spain approached two thousand.

According to the latest information from the World Health Organization (WHO), Europe is affected by numerous sprouts and draws an upward curve, with 3.4 million positives, of the 18.8 million cases globally.

Against this, America – with 10 million infections (three-quarters concentrated in the United States and Brazil) – has shown some stabilization in the number of daily infections for two weeks.


Spain and France are experiencing an alarming increase in cases these days and, according to the Spanish Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours there have been 1,895 positives, the largest increase in recent days.

The figure is high despite not including, due to technical problems, data from the region of Aragon (east), the most affected in the country, followed by Madrid with 567 infections.

According to the American John Hopkins University, Spain is, with about 315,000 infected and more than 28,500 deaths, the first country in number of cases in Western Europe, having surpassed the United Kingdom in positives (just over 309,000), although this country registers a higher number of deaths (46,498).

At the European level, only Russia (870,187 infections) presents more positive than Spain.

And in France the data is also unflattering: on the last day they were counted 2,288 new cases of Covid-19, compared to 1,604 the day beforeFigures that confirm the circulation of the virus in the country, particularly among young adults, and that increase infections in a week by about 9,300 and almost 200,000 the total since the start of the pandemic.

The dead are already 30,324 (12 in the last hours), of them 19,818 in hospitals and the rest in nursing homes and dependency centers.

For his part, Germany exceeds for the second consecutive day and after three months the thousand of positives, with 1,147 new infections in 24 hours, bringing active cases to more than 9,100, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

In total, since the start of the pandemic Germany has added 215,160 infections and 9,349 deaths, while 193,999 people have recovered.

The rebound has led to two schools in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Antepomerania, the first to resume classes after the summer break, have had to close five days after the start of the course due to two cases of coronavirus.


He too UK lives a rebound in cases and deaths: this day 871 positives have been counted, down from 950 on Thursday, up to 309,005, while deaths from Covid-19 were 98, compared to 49 and 65 of the two previous days (46,511 in total).

According to figures from the British Government’s Group of Scientific Advisors for Emergencies (SAGE), the transmission rate in all regions of the country approaches 1, the level above which the virus multiplies its expansion, a threshold that could have already been exceeded in England.

Although with lower figures, Italy There is also an increase in infections and, this Friday, he counted 552 vs. 402 on Thursday (to a total of almost 250,000), the worst figures since the country’s reopening in June.

Deaths from coronavirus are 35,190, three in the last hours, according to the Ministry of Health.

In Ukraine, where one of the main focuses is in Kiev, the numbers of infections soar today for the third day in a row, with a sad record of 1,453 on the last day, compared to 1,318 the day before and 1,271 on Wednesday.

The dead exceed 1,850, of them 33 in a single day.

The eve too Greece registered the second highest number of daily infections in the six months of the pandemic, more than 150, to exceed 5,100.


Given all this, when the continent seemed to regain a certain normality, European countries are once again taking restrictive measures ranging from the imposition of the use of the mask to the obligatory nature of tests and quarantines for those who return from risk areas.

Thus, the United Kingdom warns British tourists of the risk of traveling abroad during the pandemic and extends the list of countries with quarantine after returning home, the next of which it is speculated that it could be France.

Already at the end of July, the United Kingdom removed Spain from its list of countries considered safe and advises against traveling there unless it is essential and has now also imposed quarantine for Andorra, Bahamas and Belgium.

In Germany tomorrow the free and mandatory tests for Covid-19 will begin for travelers returning from areas considered at risk, ranging from other European states to Afghanistan or the Central African Republic.

Norway also recommends that its citizens not make non-essential trips abroad, even those that the authorities allow to go without setting quarantine.

For its part, the Italian Government will publish a decree in the next few hours by which the use of the mask will be extended until August 31 in closed places.

And in the midst of all this, more intransigent voices are heard, such as that of the Hungarian Prime Minister, the ultra-nationalist Viktor Orbán, who wants the arrival of all immigrants to the country to stop because they are potential “biological bombs” against the coronavirus.

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