The coronavirus is not giving up. Lublin under the pressure of new fires

Coronavirus does not allow you to forget about the danger it carries. COVID-19 hit Lublin and nearby towns with all its force.

Coronavirus. Lublin and the region at risk. COVID-19 in a dialysis center

New outbreaks of coronavirus infections concern, among others several important institutions. One of them is the dialysis center in Kraśnik. There, at least eight people have contracted the coronavirus. All infected are patients on dialysis.

COVID-19 also caught the Nursing Home in Chodel near Lublin. Four people are infected there. At the moment, there is no information whether there are patients among those infected with the coronavirus. The outbreak is defined as developmental.

The first day of school during the coronavirus pandemic in Poland. Parents about “stress and anxiety”

Coronavirus. Lublin and the region under fire. A large COVID-19 outbreak after birth

The dangerous outbreak of coronavirus infections also appeared in Lublin itself. There, after the 18th birthday party, 15 people are infected. The case is developmental, because only a few days ago the services informed about 4 infections.

Coronavirus was also present at another birthday party in Lublin. People from the Kraśnik poviat were also present there. At the moment, COVID-19 has been confirmed in five people.

Coronavirus. Lublin and the region under pressure. Second High School turns to remote teaching

Lublin is also struggling with the problem of learning in schools. Coronavirus led, among others until the closure of Secondary Hetman Jan Zamoyski.

“Due to the current epidemiological situation threatening the health of students, on the basis of §18 section 2a and 2c of the Regulation of the Minister of National Education and Sport of December 31, 2002 on safety and hygiene in public and non-public schools and institutions (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 2003 No. 5 as amended) I suspend classes in the period from September 17, 2020 to September 24, 2020. ” – we read in the school authorities’ announcement.

The Second High School in Lublin has been struggling with the coronavirus since last week. Then there was information that one of the students was infected. Distance learning was then introduced in three classes: 3C, 3G and 3F.


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