The coronavirus can live on phones and money for four weeks. But this is not worth fearing

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Your smartphone screen is an almost ideal surface for coronavirus

The Covid-19 virus can remain infectious on surfaces like banknotes and smartphone screens for much longer than previously thought, up to 28 days, researchers at the National Science Agency of Australia (CSIRO) have found. However, some experts questioned whether viruses remaining on surfaces pose a real threat of infection. Most often, coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets when sneezing, coughing or talking.

At the same time, Australian scientists conducted experiments in the dark, and meanwhile, it is known that ultraviolet light kills viruses.

In the course of previous laboratory studies, it has already been established that SARS-Cov-2 can persist on banknotes and glass surfaces for up to two to three days, and on plastic and steel – up to six.

But now scientists from CSIRO have found that coronavirus is much more tenacious, and at room temperature can live on smooth surfaces such as plastic and paper banknotes and glass smartphone screens for up to four weeks. A common influenza virus, by comparison, survives up to 17 days under the same conditions.

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