The corona virus species Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom. How are they different? And will the vaccine work or not?

The corona virus species Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom. How are they different? And will the vaccine work or not? – BBC Thailand

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 The species was first discovered in Brazil. It appears in the UK. Health officials are examining six infected people and are investigating whether someone else is infected with the virus.

Some strains of coronavirus As is found in Brazil, this seems to make it easier to get infected. And are concerned that Current vaccines may not work.

What are some of these new viruses?

Currently, the coronavirus that makes it sick is COVID-19. It is spread in many species or forms.

There are some breeds of concern:

  • The Kent or UK breed The virus (also known as B.1.1.7) has spread across the UK and over 50 other countries at the same time. It seems that the virus is about to mutate again.
  • The South African (B.1.351) species is found in at least 20 countries, including the UK.
  • The Brazilian species (P.1) was found in the previous 4 people who traveled to Japan. And in the UK

It is not unexpected for different strains to develop themselves. All viruses mutate as they divide to spread and grow.

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Most of the changes, however, haven’t had much impact. At the same time, some changes can be detrimental to the survival of the virus itself. While other changes It makes the virus easier or more dangerous to infect

Are the new virus strains more dangerous?

There is currently no evidence that any new virus is causing more severe illness in the majority of infected people. The same is true for the original virus. The people who are at the highest risk are the elderly or people with underlying disease.

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For the UK breed There is some research to suggest that it may be associated with a 30% increased risk of death, but the evidence is uncertain. And the data is still uncertain

Measures such as hand washing Keeping your distance And wearing a gag will still help prevent infection. Because the new virus seems to be more infectious Therefore need to pay more attention to protect oneself

What happened to the virus

The coronavirus strains found in the UK, South Africa and Brazil may be more infectious or more contagious. All three strains of these viruses have been changed on the protein button. Which is the part where the virus binds to cells in the human body This makes it easier to enter the cell and spread.

Experts believe the UK virus strain, or “Kent,” which was discovered since September last year, may be 70% easier to spread or infect, but the latest British public health research expects numbers. This should be at 30-50%.

The South African virus strains discovered since October may exhibit more significant changes to the viral protein button. And recently, experts have found a small number of UK COVID cases who also find this worrying change.

One important mutation, called E484K, may help the virus evade antibodies present in the immune system. Which helps fight the coronavirus that was previously discovered from the previous infection Or from getting vaccinated

The Brazilian species, which was found since July and also has the E484K mutation.



Will the vaccine work?

Today’s vaccine is being invented to tackle the previously found strains of the coronavirus. But scientists believe The vaccine will still work. Even if it might not be as good as before

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A recent study indicates that the Brazilian species may be resistant to antibodies in people who are likely to have partial immunity. Because they had been infected and recovered from previous coronavirus infection.

However, there are experimental results that are found as well. Pfizer’s vaccine may protect against the new virus. But there will be a slight decrease in effectiveness.

Two other COVID-19 vaccines may soon be approved. One is manufactured by Novavax, the other is manufactured by Janssen, and it appears to be protective as well.

Information from the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine team (Oxford-AstraZeneca) states that the vaccine also protects against the new UK virus. But the effectiveness of the South African species is reduced. But still prevent the development of serious illness

Preliminary results from the Moderna vaccine trial showed that the company’s vaccine was effective for the South African strain. But the immune response may not be as strong or persist for as long.

New viruses may emerge in the future and be different.

Experts say Even in the worst case If necessary, the vaccine can be modified to be effective or compatible with the new virus. It takes a few weeks or months.

Like the flu A new vaccine is required each year to reflect influenza virus changes. Spreading This could happen with the corona virus as well.

How is this being handled?

New strains of viruses are constantly emerging at the same time, and scientists around the world are watching. And if a significant new virus is found, it will be studied and watched closely. In the part of the vaccine Experts are improving vaccine against COVID-19. Keep it up to date

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