The Corona Virus Reappears in Wuhan, All Citizens Are Examined

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Authorities Wuhan, China immediately launched testing for the entire population after reporting the infection again corona virus.

This case is the first Covid-19 transmission in a year.

“Quickly launched comprehensive nucleic acid testing for the entire population,” said senior Wuhan official Li Tao at a press conference AFP, Tuesday (3/8).

The Nucleic Acid Test or Rapid Molecular Test (TCM) method uses sputum with which it develops a cartridge-based nucleic acid. Meanwhile, the corona virus was identified in RNA using a cartridge.

Yesterday, Monday (2/8) the Wuhan city government announced seven local cases of Covid-19, which were found among migrant workers in the city.

The discovery of the case broke Wuhan’s record, which for a year did not find a domestic case. There were zero cases in the city, because the City Government carried out a strict lockdown in early 2020, to suppress the spread of the corona virus.

Wuhan became the first city to report a Covid-19 case in November 2019.

The city also had time to become the epicenter of the corona virus before becoming global as it is now. However, with super tight restrictions, Wuhan managed to contain the virus so that it did not report cases within a year.

Wuhan is also reported to be free of Covid. People are allowed not to wear masks and gather in large numbers.

However, this time was different. The Chinese government has again implemented restrictions and suppressed mobility due to the spread of the Delta variant in a number of regions.

Policies taken by the government include asking residents to stay at home, stopping non-emergency domestic transportation services and launching mass tests in recent days.

Major cities including Beijing are already testing millions of their residents and implementing partial lockdowns.

The Chinese capital has also closed entry to tourists during the peak of the summer holidays. In addition, the city government asked residents not to leave their homes unless there is a need.

Yangzhou City also ordered residents to stay at home, after 40 new cases were found in one day, through mass testing.

In the city residents are prohibited from going out unless there is an urgent need. Even if you have to go out to meet your daily needs, only one person is allowed.

Zhangjiajie and Zhuzhou in Hunan Province also did the same. The virus spread in the region after an infected person from the Nanjing Airport cluster attended a theater performance in Zhangjiajie.

Since then, officials have been trying to track down thousands of theater-goers. They also urged tourists not to travel to areas that have Covid-19 cases.

China previously prided itself on its success in dispelling the Covid-19 pandemic when many countries were getting overwhelmed.

But the Delta variant makes China feel the same way as other countries; experiencing a spike in Covid cases.

Until now, the total number of COVID-19 cases in China was 93,103 with 4,636 deaths. The figure increased after China continued to report daily cases that numbered in the tens.


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