The Corona rules for fall and winter have been established

Additionally, federal states can tighten their crown measures from October depending on the situation. For example, prescribe masks in public transport, in authorities, in restaurants or at events.

Also, the federal states should order proofs can, for example in schools and kindergartens. Because they should be kept as open as possible. There are no lockdowns and contact blocks.

Also, countries can come together Minimum distance of 1.5 meters organize in the public space as well as the maximum limits for people for events.

In schools it can Masks for children from the fifth grade become compulsory if otherwise face-to-face teaching cannot be maintained. A medical certificate for students with suspected corona infection is out of the question. To enable school attendance, now submit Rapid antigen test.

A new regulation concerns nursing homes: these should be obligatory Crown Officer to name those involved in vaccination, hygiene, testing and corona drug therapy.

The houses themselves receive 250 euros per month for this. In addition, a total of € 750 per home is provided for those who take care of these tasks.

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