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We are a Sunday In, the transmission of Mara Venier broadcast on Rai 1, the episode is today, Sunday 27 March. And the first part of the transmission, once again, is all dedicated to the coronavirus and the vaccination campaign. In the studio and in connection, to talk about a delicate topic, among others here Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health of the M5s, ed Alessandro Sallusti, the director of The newspaper.

Obviously, there is talk of the Lombardy case, of the delays in the administration of the vaccine and of the problems recorded on the booking platforms. Both Sallusti and Sileri, however, dampen the controversy, recalling how the figures of the vaccination campaign in the region are not dramatic just as some peddle them: the suspicion is that Lombardy is also in the crosshairs, perhaps above all, for its political connotation.

But so be it. A focus, of course, also on Sputnik, the rumored Russian vaccine for which Matteo Salvini would like an acceleration. But the EMA, the European certifying body, has not yet approved it: also in this case the suspicion is that the reasons are also political. And again, the Campania affair is being addressed, with the governor Vincenzo De Luca who has already purchased doses of Sputnik, a preventive purchase in view of the desired administration.

But the web goes wild for one detail. Obviously, a Sunday In we also return to talk about the vaccine that, in spite of itself, has been holding the counter for weeks: AstraZeneca, in the spotlight first for the cases of alleged side effects and then for the vials hidden in the Anagni plant. But the point is another. The point is that many have pointed out on Twitter as the legendary Mara Venier, whenever the word “AstraZeneca” was pronounced, produced a disquieted and disturbing grimace. In short, Zia Mara, betraying herself, revealed her doubts about the serum. Raising a bunch of social controversies.



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