The controversial video of King Philippe visiting Copenhagen, while the “corona” measures have been reinforced in Belgium… (video)

As part of a royal visit, King Philip arrived in Copenhagen on Monday. If the “corona” measures were reinforced yesterday in Belgium during the last Concertation Committee, the pandemic seems far away in Denmark. In a video, we can indeed see our King shaking hands upon his arrival. Images that are controversial today …

In this video, no one is wearing a mask. Het Nieuwblad writes that a health pass is also not required in Denmark.

According to a source close to the monarch, the King would quite simply have adapted to the measures in force on the spot. The latter speaks quite simply of “politeness”.

As a reminder, since mid-September, Covid-19 is no longer considered as a “threat to society” but as “a serious disease” in Denmark, and 80% of Danes over 12 are fully vaccinated against the virus.



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