The control panel keeps stopping working

On Saturday, in the evening, the first entries of Xiaomi smartphone owners appeared on internet forums, complaining about the constantly popping up error, making it difficult to use the devices. Fortunately, an effective way to eliminate difficulties appeared just as quickly.

Eh, those updates …

Installing smartphone software updates is more and more like playing Russian roulette, regardless of which manufacturer produced our device. Everyone has had some mishaps, thanks to which the use of smartphones that had previously worked fully correctly has become difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

This is exactly what happened Xiaomi. Users were given the option to update one of the smartphone management applications, named Control panel. Its implementation resulted in the appearance of a pop-up error, making it difficult to use smartphones.

fot. Konrad Pisula

Control panel keeps stopping working – solution

The error with the above content appeared in all those who updated Control panel to the latest version. However, until the source of its origin was known, users began trying to find solutions. Fortunately, this turned out to be relatively simple.

It is enough to uninstall the newly installed, unlucky application using the phone’s system settings menu. After doing this, work Xiaomi smartphones is back to normal.

According to the instruction published by the user Good Programs forum, to uninstall the update Control panel, follow the path below: Settings -> Applications -> Application management -> Find the Control Panel application -> Uninstall update.

We know from the editorial experience of our colleague Konrad that the above solution works and the error disappears for good. However, updating the application itself should be postponed until Xiaomi publishes its stable, error-free version.


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