The continuation of the legendary series ‘Sex and the City’ will also be shown in Latvia

The long-awaited series’Sex and the City“continued” And this time passes “will be available to viewers in Latvia – it will be demonstrated LMT On December 9, LMT public relations specialist Valdis Jalinskis told the portal “Delfi” on smart TV.

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The audience’s favorite series began in 1994, and by 2004 it had shot six seasons (94 series in total), telling the story of four girlfriends in New York, Kerry Bradsow (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), Samant Jones (Kim Ketrela) and Charlotte York (Christine Davis).

The series has been richly awarded – 54 “Emmy” nominations – seven awards and 24 “Golden Globe” nominations; won eight awards.

The heroes of Parker, Nixon and Davis – Kerry, Miranda and Charlotte – are returning to the screens in the new season, but the audience will unfortunately not be delighted by the beloved and extravagant Samant Jones, according to HBO. Kim Ketrela has refused to participate in the new season, but, as the creators of the series reassure, the image of Samantha will not be replaced – as the fourth heroine of the season, the venue itself, the lively city of New York.

The series will feature both brand new and previously significant characters: Brad Noth, the man of Braddov’s dreams, David Eigenberg, the father of Miranda’s child, and Harry Goldenblat, Charlotte’s partner.

The focus of the new season will be the exciting life of Kerry, Miranda and Charlotte in New York, now the heroes are fifty-year-old ladies who, as before, have important sex, love and friendships in their lives. It is also interesting that the series will cover the pandemic and its impact on women’s friendship, as it has been an inevitable experience in the reality of today’s metropolises.

Despite the fact that the heroines have matured and stabilized in their lives, the creators of the series claim that there will be a lot of sex, and that is wonderful. “The reason I wanted to host another ‘Sex and the City’ season was because I felt there was a new story to tell. Maybe we could continue – provided there were new and pretty good milestones to develop,” he said. Michael Patrick Kings, executive director of the series, making us hope that the second season of the revamped series is very likely in the future.


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