The Continental in Makó reported sad news – not even a few people

After this year’s 37 own and 53 temporary employees, the Continental in Makó will get rid of another 140 people – it turns out Dé reporting. The latter affects hired labor.

Behind the downsizing is the transformation of the automotive industry, the company indicates that they are trying to keep as many people as possible in the medium term.

Factory manager Levente Szűrszabó said about the background of the decision, production in global car production is slowing down, there are not enough semiconductors, and the technological transition is taking place for the production of electric vehicles, and the Makó plant has not kept pace project and factory

has been loss-making for three years.

“Currently, the production of old rubber-based cooling and heating pipes in Makón is still more than eighty percent, which needs to be changed in favor of plastic parts,” he added.

Levente, a filtermaker, has firmly denied that the own workers sent so far have been replaced because of the strike – as he said, they decided on a business basis.

According to Gábor Czirbus, President of Fidesz in Makó, in addition to the redundancies expected this year, another three hundred people will be laid off at Continental Makó next year. The politician says this is outrageous, especially after the company has received $ 1 billion in central support.

“We ask the company to sort out the situation, do everything it can to keep the jobs.”
He called the company.

Opening picture: MTI / Rosta Tibor

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