The constitutionalist, Germán Calderón España, denounces threats against him

Germán Calderón España, constitutional lawyer, Master in Human Rights and International Protection Systems, in the last few minutes made a complaint to the authorities about threats he has received, feeling fear for his life.

“I inform the authorities that in recent days I have received threats and Strange calls from unknown landlines, so I feel fear for my life and that of my family. I am an opinion maker, writer, lawyer, ingredients subject to persecution in this hurting country,” he wrote on his official Twitter account.

It should be remembered that Calderón filed a lawsuit in 2012 to determine what the term of the then prosecutor Eduardo Montealegre would be, because at the time it was not known if his management was for one year or for four years.

However, anyone could wonder what was the real interest in filing a lawsuit to save the position of the second most important official after the president, as is the attorney general, whom I did not even know about petition rights and the answer was simple: “I am not looking for any privilege, the greatest benefit I can receive is public recognition as a good lawyer, I do not expect positions from anyone.”

Also, he was the one who placed a guardianship last year to eliminate the blank vote box on the ballot for the second presidential round.

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