“The Conclusion of the Tale of Treachery: The Final Verdict of the Penal Court.”

Today, Monday, the Criminal Court in Jeddah concluded the chapters of the story of treachery, which the region witnessed during the month of September, and which caused great discontent among public opinion, as it issued a ruling ordering the killing of the perpetrator, the “husband.” With a “ta’zeer” murder, for what he committed, whoever killed his wife “by stabbing with a knife” and he confessed to it.

And I learnedNews24From its sources, the sixth session, which was held this morning in the Jeddah Criminal Court, witnessed the pronouncement of the death sentence, as a ta’zir punishment from the offending husband.

By pronouncing this ruling, the demands of the children of the victim, who had previously demanded retribution from their father, are fulfilled, along with their mother’s relatives, who confirmed that there is no available option other than retribution from the perpetrator.

In view of the case, the legal advisor and lawyer for the guardians of blood, Ahmed bin Shaflout, confirmed to “News24Confidence in the justice system, represented by judges and their lawyers, considering that justice is its expected course, as a result of the efforts made in this case by all those in charge of it.

According to Ben Shaflout, the clarity of the case in all its details and aspects is within the framework of a fair trial, which achieved the satisfaction of all parties, through the issuance of a satisfactory verdict, which enables the right of the victim to be taken into account.

And he stressed that all rulings issued by the courts of first instance are preliminary rulings subject to objection, and no ruling is implemented until it acquires a final character, after its support from the judges of the courts of appeal, and from the complete justice of the judiciary in this country in this type of case; The verdict is not approved until it has been considered and studied by more than 14 judges of all levels of the first instance and appeal courts; up to the Supreme Court.

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