The concept of a never published book by Václav Havel was found. The texts reflect the first imprisonment – ČT24 – Czech Television

For declaring Charter 77, Havel was taken into custody, for the conditions of which, as he himself later admits, he was not prepared.

The turning point in Havel’s life came on April 6, 1977. He offered the prosecutor, in exchange for his freedom to leave the charter spokesman’s charter, and promised: criminal. “

In previously unpublished texts, Havel writes that he was literally involved with the devil at the time. Shortly after his release, he describes the detention and manipulation of investigators. Above all, however, he struggles with the feeling that he has paid a high price for freedom.

The text has been preserved in the estate of a friend, Zdeněk Urbánek. His grandson David Dušek says that he was “terribly impressed”, the man was at the bottom, he was totally frustrated. He describes in this text that it has all lost its meaning, including the blackest thoughts. “

Havel writes openly about his weakness. She understands that she will not compromise with totalitarianism, but she must confront it. “At this moment, he came down to the bottom and understood that he could no longer sell out,” says David Dušek.

Havel saw the subsequent work in dissent as atonement. After the establishment of the Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Prosecuted, he ended up behind bars again, this time for four and a half years. Shortly before his imprisonment, he wrote the political essay The Power of the Powerless (October 1987). The Václav Havel Library has yet to publish the ideas that led to the essay.


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