The complaint of this waitress after learning about her outrageous WhatsApp conversation with a hotelier

Some days ago the popular Twitter account Soy Camarero shared the conversation that the waitress Gema López had had on WhatsApp with her former boss.

In it, you can see how the young woman told her that she was going to go to a labor inspection because of the conditions in which she had been fired, since she was fired for not passing the probationary period and without giving her a settlement.

When he told her that he was going to go to a labor inspection, they made a transfer paying him 3.80 euros per hour worked. “Social security is not free and if you have any debt here you have the payroll,” they threatened him from the establishment.

After going viral, now López has spoken with the TVE program Speaking clearin which he has confessed that he thought there was a mistake when he saw that transfer.

“I told him that I was going to go to the labor inspection, he told me to do what I thought was convenient. So I sent it to SoyCamarero and they came out to comment with various versions about why they fired me, the last one was calling me a racist,” he explained. .

López has acknowledged that her claim is not that they have fired her, but that it is because they are denying her hours that she did or paying them at those 3.80 euros. “According to her, they are 5 euros an hour and it cannot be done,” she has sentenced.

He has also ensured that the trial period that he says that I do not pass does not exist: “It does not exist because I did not sign any contract and I was not verbally notified of this period either.”

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“He registered me with social security, but when I told them that the trial period is not legally there because I have not signed a contract in which it is reflected, he told me that they work as an agency and things are going slowly. The period of The test is not something intrinsic to the employment relationship”, the young woman concluded.

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