The complaint against the entry in the cadastre of the beach near Dogan was withdrawn

The beach next to Dogan’s summer barn. Photo by ELENA FOTEVA

The Straightline company has withdrawn its request for a forensic geological examination, which had to prove that the beach next to Ahmed Dogan’s summer residence in Rosenets Park is an agricultural property. This became clear during today’s session of the Administrative Court in Burgas in the case filed by the owner of “Straightline” arch. Kalin Tiholov, who is also the designer of Dogan’s so-called summer barn, announced “Diary”.

The beach next to Dogan’s residence in Rosenets Park attracted public attention after the action of the chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov, the party activist Ivo Mirchev and the municipal councilor in Burgas Dimitar Naidenov in the summer of last year.

Immediately after that, Naidenov submitted a request for the sand strip to be included in the cadastral map as a beach. On November 5, the head of the Office of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre in Burgas issued an order stating that the beach, which had until then been classified as “agricultural land”, had to be marked in the registers as a “coastal beach” with a permanent purpose as “protected”.

However, this order was appealed by the designer of the so-called “summer barn” of Dogan in Rosenets arch. Kalin Tiholov as a representative of the company “Straightline”, which turned out to be the owner of a two-storey house on the non-existent beach.

Tiholov demanded the revocation of the order for the application of the card, as well as the suspension of the preliminary execution of the order for that.

However, on March 8 this year, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the beach in Rosenets should be immediately listed in the cadastre, despite all lawsuits filed over allegations that Chukalyata beach was not a beach but self-forested. is agricultural land.

During today’s court hearing, the defense of the Ministry of Tourism and the Agency for Geodesy and Cadastre argued that the appeal of “Straightline” is unfounded, and the reasons for this were that the terrain of about 1400 square meters has all the characteristics of a beach. according to the texts of the Black Sea Coast Act. Another reason was that Straightline was not an interested party in the case, as it had no property or building in the area.

In the course of the lawsuits filed after the action of Ivanov, Mirchev and Naidenov from the summer of last year. Straightline turned out to be the owner of a two-storey house on the beach, but a notary deed was not presented.

According to the defense of Straightline, in 2018, at the request of the company, a procedure was started for the construction of the building in the cadastral map, and the procedure was approved by the Cadastre Agency. “We claim that we own, manage and use it since 2007, when the property was acquired,” the company’s lawyer Ivan Tsanev said today.

Following the withdrawal of Straitline’s appeal today, the Burgas Administrative Court must issue a decision on the case within a month at the latest.



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