The company demonstrated the maneuverability of an autonomous truck among porcelain vases

Accurate maneuvering is a problem for many drivers, the more large the car in which they are sitting. Cameras and parking sensors help – as do various semi-automatic parking systems, which sometimes run quite boldly.

Exactly how the autonomous car can maneuver, the Swedish company Einride demonstrated among the bases with porcelain vases. “The accuracy with which we can control the position of the vehicle is in millimeters,” said Robert Falck, CEO.

Box version of Einride T-Pod

Foto: Einride

“T-Pod reads its surroundings with a combination of radars, lidar and camera systems in combination with GPS. (…) We have a very clear overview of what is happening around the vehicle, “he added. It must be acknowledged that the accuracy of maneuvering between the pedestals is impressive, but at the same time it is nothing that an experienced human driver cannot handle.

The Swedish company Einride demonstrated its autonomous T-Pod truck for the first time in 2019, when it slowly drove between the warehouse and the distribution center. There was talk at the time that hundreds of them would soon be on the roads, for example in the form of timber trucks, which account for more than a fifth of truck transport in Scandinavia.

Einride semitrailer

Foto: Einride

Einride has a training center for its truck operators in Texas. A few weeks ago, she announced that she had hired the first such employee – American Tiffany Heathcott, a veteran truck.


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