The Company, beneficiary for the first time, aims further

The covid-19 disaster with in particular the closing of borders to planes coming from Europe could have signed the death warrant of this small company (2 planes) which only flies to New York.

It therefore comes back from afar, thanks to the perseverance of its leaders who knew maintain the confidence of their investorsthe loans obtained (two PGE for an amount of 19 million euros) and also, made a point of highlighting the CEO of the Company the efforts of employees who agreed to give up part of their remuneration.

After the postponement from month to month of the reopening of the American borders, then the wave of cancellations linked to the appearance of the Omicron variant, it was in March 2022 that the markets and confidence gradually recovered.

Like other operators, but particularly with this enthusiasm for the United States, the miracle of “revenge travel” has enabled the two A321neos to take off again daily to New York from Paris-Orly with a very large number of loyal passengers, but also new ones.

The Nice – New York line, seasonal from May, also picked up vigorously with excellent fill rates (85%). Milan opened in April 2022, again with very good load factors (75%) on the 4 to 5 flights per week.

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With its ability to have captured and conquered a CSP+ clientele making it possible to compensate for the drop in purely “business” traffic and even with a price of kerosene which has doubled since September 2021, La Compagnie is now going into the green with a net profit of ‘1 million euros in 2022.

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Indispensable players in this success, the two A321neos, economical, virtuous (40% less CO2 emissions for each business passenger crossing the Atlantic, says the CEO) and above all extremely reliable and efficient.

Since their entry into service in 2019, the planes have not experienced any breakdown or major immobilization, and, thanks to a “lace” programming, they manage to fly to New York from Paris, Nice and Milan.

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