The companies donate two vehicles: Herbolzheim

The ecumenical service center Sankt Franziskus Unterer Breisgau will receive two new cars. This was only possible with the help of donations.

Double joy at the Sankt Franziskus Unterer Breisgau Ecumenical Care Centre: The facility was able to celebrate a double growth of its vehicle fleet. Thanks to some sponsors, the company cars were put into service in the parking lot of the administration building. Managing Director Nathalie Müller and authorized signatory Richard Obert thanked all sponsors for their financial help.

“It helps us immensely,” said Müller, satisfied with the social commitment shown. In times of sharp price increases, the institution cannot pass on the additional costs. Their hands are tied. Nursing care rates are capped by health insurance companies for a certain period of time. However, the need for elderly care is increasing, Müller explained. From 6 in the morning the 36 vehicles remained on the road until dark. Operating costs eat up the lion’s share of total expenditure, explained one who should know, CEO Richard Obert.

The two new vehicles were delivered in the courtyard of the administration building. The first vehicle is a Renault Kangoo with a purchase price of 23,000 euros. It is mainly used for meal delivery service. The white Opel Combo in van design drives to customers and serves as a transport vehicle for service groups, for example to see the doctor or for therapy. The new price is 30,000 euros.

Many companies made the purchase of the two vehicles possible. Your vehicle advertising funds vehicles over the next five years. A total of 15 companies from the region supported the spa with their advertising. The Sparkasse Freiburg/Nördlicher Breisgau made an important contribution with 3,000 euros. Richard Obert: “It’s our Christmas present, just without the bow.”

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