The Community of Madrid negotiated the purchase of the Russian Sputnik vaccine in February | Madrid

The Government of Madrid considered the purchase of Russian-made coronavirus vaccines known as Sputnik V, as advanced Abc and has confirmed this diary. The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz-Escudero, promoted to number two on the electoral list of Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the elections of the Community of Madrid, it met up to three times “with intermediaries of the Russian product.”

“It is the duty of the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, to explore negotiations in the face of the failure of the Government,” reported a spokesman for the Department of Health of the Community of Madrid. “That meeting took place on February 11 at the request of that firm,” he details. “The Ministry of Health listened to their proposals, since this vaccine was planned to be manufactured in Galicia and they wanted to know the vaccination situation at the national and regional level,” he abounds.

And he concludes: “The Ministry of Health has held two other meetings with other representatives of the Russian vaccine to explore the international market and have all the possibilities open in the future in the fight against the pandemic, always within the national vaccination framework. In fact, the idea of ​​the Ministry of Health was to facilitate a beneficial purchase agreement for the entire NHS [Sistema Nacional de Salud] and in equitable conditions for all Spaniards ”.

The candidate of Más Madrid, Mónica García, has said that she would like Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the regional government to comply “at some point with the rules” and realize “that the vaccine [rusa Sputnik V] it is not approved by the European Medicines Agency ”. In statements to TVE, García has invited Ayuso to follow “the normal channels”, because the problems, in his opinion, are in “health centers”, where reinforcements have not been increased and people have not been vaccinated “normally”. Regarding the vaccination process in Madrid, he has considered that it is a “botch” and that “it is not solved by buying more vaccines.

In response, President Ayuso herself has defended that, “although she does not have the authorization, it is not possible to avoid exploring all the scenarios in order to offer answers to the citizens.” “It would not be the first or the fifth time that the Government of Madrid is ahead of that of Spain. Ideas and projects have been denied us and then we have been proved right. Thanks to the fact that the Community, and its counselor, have always anticipated possible scenarios, we have been able to innovate in the fight against the virus ”, Ayuso said during a visit to the 12 de Octubre hospital.

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On the visit, she was accompanied by Ruiz-Escudero, who has also defended her efforts. “Our mission is to get ahead, to explore all possible scenarios. In this case with the vaccines, but we also did it with the purchase of material ”, declared the counselor. “As a result of the slow delivery of vaccines, our permanent mission is to explore all the possibilities of bringing them. It is true that it is not approved, but with the endorsement of our technicians, we decided to explore that vaccine. It is something that we have the right and the duty to do. We need vaccines, always conditional on the authorization of the European Medicines Agency ”, he concluded.

The Russian vaccine has not yet been approved for use in the European Union. Spain currently uses three types of vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca) and will shortly incorporate a fourth (Janssen). In total, there are 2,852,806 people in Spain who have completed the vaccination schedule, and 8,743,694 doses have been administered. In the case of Madrid, there are 377,368 people with the complete regimen and 1,144,369 doses have been administered, according to the daily report of the Ministry of Health, published on Monday.

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