The comet received seven goals from Pilsen in the first match. Vary first succeeded outside

In its first extra-league match of the season, the comet lost to Pilsen 3: 7. Škoda also scored points for the sixth time this year and leads the incomplete table. The hockey players of Karlovy Vary played outside for the first time and succeeded in Vítkovice for three points.

Filip Suchý and Milan Gulaš contributed two goals to Pilsen’s victory in the 8th round of the hockey extra league. The West Czechs thus moved to the first place in the incomplete table. The comet played its first extra-league match, and there was too much inexperience in its performance and the resulting errors.

In the first minute, Freibergs got behind the Pilsen defense, but Frodla did not beat. The initiative was taken over by guests who skated and combined better, in Brno, which lacked the American gunner Mueller, there was too much to know about a long game break. In the eighth minute, Freibergs made a rough move on his own blue line and Gulaš turned a short solo into Vejmelka, although the video had to sanctify the validity of the goal.

Another inconsistency in defense became fatal for Comet. Straka served the puck in front of the goal to Kodýtek, to whom Bartejs gave too much time and the Pilsen striker increased the lead of his team.

The comet did not shake until the end of the first period, but Valský’s promising backhand was not enough for Frodl. However, even after the break, Brno did not get into peace and game comfort, in the 23rd minute Suchý increased the lead Suchý tečí after a thrown puck.

The home team set the contact goal of Schneider’s Austrian Austrian reinforcements on their feet. Brno came to life after the goal, gained ground under its feet and took over the reins of the match, then Freibergs raised his hopes, thus making a mistake in the first goal.

But instead of equalizing in the first power play of the match, another mistake of the Brno defense came and Suchý again sent Plzeň into a two-goal lead with his second goal.

The final act took place in Brno’s efforts to correct the result. However, Pilsen responded to the activity of the home team with a consistent and careful defense, which it supported with break attacks.

For the fifth goal, she was again hit by an erroneous pass by the Brno players, which was punished by Přikryl with the fifth goal in Vejmelek’s net. Gulaš reacted to Zaťovič’s correction in a power play in a flash and in the last seconds of the match his partner Mertl also reacted in the first attack.

Vítkovice is waiting for a three-point triumph

The hockey players of Karlovy Vary won the extra-league ice on Vítkovice 3: 2 in the 8th round and succeeded in their first outdoor match of the season. In total, they scored their second win in the fourth duel. The people of Ostrava lost at home for the second time and did not get a full point gain for the third time in the year.

Vítkovice, which entered the competition only in October, played for the second time in a row at home and again against an opponent from western Bohemia. On Sunday, they lost in overtime to Pilsen (4: 5). They did not enter the battle with Energie either optimally, when they soon offered the guests two power-ups. The Karlovy Vary team did not use them, but in the 15th minute Mikúš sent them to the lead.

Just before the break, the captain of the guests, Skuhravý, was guilty of the rules, and after returning from the locker room, the locals were punished. Štencel found Marosz and he leveled the second act after 32 seconds. The conciliation lasted less than five minutes. Vildumetz and Beránek got into the renumbering of two or one, who used the ideally prepared position to end with an overview.

When weakening, Skuhravý and Vondráček got into a similar situation, but this time without a goal point. The West Czechs did not use a short four-on-three power play soon after. Lauko could also raise, but his ending ended up on the top bar.

Energie gained a two-goal lead in the middle of the final act, when in a weakening after Pulpan’s pass for the guardrail, Kohout passed and passed the puck for Svoboda. In 71 seconds, Vítkovice came into contact again with Lakatoš, who established himself in front of the goal area after Marosz’s attempt. The guests have already defended the one-goal lead.

8th round of the hockey extra league:

HC Kometa Brno – HC Skoda Plzen 3: 7 (0: 2, 2: 2, 1: 3)

Goals and recordings: 28. Schneider (Rákos, Valský), 33. Freibergs (Klepiš, P. Holík), 57. Klepiš (Freibergs, P. Holík) – 8. Gulaš, 13. Kodýtek (P. Straka, Eberle), 23. F. Suchý (Stříteský, Rob), 38. F. Suchý (Budík, P. Musil), 52. F. Přikryl, 58. Gulaš (Malát), 60. Mertl (Gulaš, Stach). Judges: Mrkva, Šír – Axman, Ondráček. Exclusion: 3: 3. Utilization: 1: 1. In weakness: 0: 1. No spectators.


Brno: Vejmelka – O. Němec, Freibergs, Bartejs, J. Zbořil, S. Svozil, Gulaši, Pyrochta – Klepiš, P. Holík, Zaťovič – Schneider, Kusko, Vincour – L. Horký, Rákos, Valský – Kunc, Střondala, Raincoat. Coach: L. Zábranský st.

Plzeň: Frodl – Stříteský, V. Lang, Čerešňák, Budík, Jiříček, Vráblík – Gulaš, Mertl, Malát – F. Přikryl, P. Musil, Stach – Eberle, Kodýtek, P. Straka – Rob, F. Suchý, Kantner. Coach: Čihák.

HC Vitkovice Ridera – HC Energie Karlovy Vary 2: 3 (0: 1, 1: 1, 1: 1)

Goals and recordings: 21. Marosz (Štencel, Mallet), 51. Lakatoš (Marosz) – 15. T. Mikúš (Vildumetz, Graňák), 26. O. Beránek (Vildumetz), 50. Kohout (Černoch). Judges: Hodek, Micka – Ganger, Klouček. Exclusion: 7: 7. Utilization: 1: 0. In weakness: 0: 1. No spectators.


Vítkovice: Miroslav Svoboda – R. Polák, Štencel, Polášek, L. Kovář, Koch, P. Trška, Barinka – Schleiss, Marosz, L. Krenželok – Lakatoš, J. Mikyska, V. Polák – Mallet, Dej, Šišovský – T Kubalík, Werbik, Dočekal. Coach: Trličík.

Karlovy Vary: F. Novotný – Kotvan, Šenkeřík, Plutnar, Graňák, L. Zábranský ml., Pulpán, M. Rohan – Flek, D. Kaše, Lauko – O. Beránek, Vildumetz, T. Mikúš – Kohout, Černoch, Koblasa – Vondráček, Skuhravý, Redlich. Coach: Walk.


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