The combination that saves Grêmio from relegation with 43 points

Although the first teams outside the Z4 have 43 points, the Guild still dreams of escaping the Z4 with this score. For that, you need to do your part and dry out your direct rivals Bahia, Youth and Cuiabá.

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If they finish with the same score, the advantage is Grêmio. The tricolor won more games than they did during the Brasileirão 2021 and because of that it would appear ahead by the tiebreaker criteria.

Of course, it’s much safer to get away with 45 points, although that’s not 100% guaranteed to happen either. However, if the immortal wins from Corinthians e Atlético-MG, arrives at this number. And until today, only Coritiba, in 2009, was relegated with 45 points.

The 37th round will be played with games on Sunday (5) and Monday (6). A lot will be defined and if Grêmio loses to Corinthians, we can close all accounts because the team will be mathematically relegated.

What needs to happen for Grêmio to escape with 43 points?

Grêmio need to score 4 points against Corinthians and Atlético-MG to reach 43 points. If that happens, the team needs to hope that two of these three combinations happen:

  • Bahia cannot score more than 3 points against Fluminense e strength;
  • Youth has to lose to São Paulo and Corinthians;
  • Or Cuiabá loses to Fortaleza and Santos.

Realize that the team needs to have two of these three possibilities, in addition to doing its part and adding the 4 points. So, Bahia, Juventude or Cuiabá, one of them may not achieve what Grêmio expects and the account is still valid.

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Image: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA


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