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It was on August 29, 2007 that arrived in our region BioShock, FPS designed by Ken Levine taking place in an underwater city nothing disturbing. The critical and commercial success pushes 2K Games to develop the universe through two other episodes with BioShock 2 (2010) and BioShock Infinite (2013). 13 years after having set foot on Rapture for the first time, the player is now invited to return between sky and sea via a collection comprising the three components on Switch. From aquatic basements to floating installations, does the world of BioShock have enough to make us vibrate in 2020, Joy-Con in your hands?

video“>BioShock: The Collection – The great adventures between sky and sea

BioShock. Even today, a world apart

If for you a Big Daddy is an elderly man happy to give his savings to young women, it may be time to start this collection including the three episodes of BioShock. Designed for latecomers but also fans of early adopters of nomadic pleasures, this compilation available on Switch is a good way to (re) discover Rapture and Columbia, cited sometimes sunken, sometimes heavenly, which harbor dark secrets. If the series of 2K Games has attracted the favor of millions of curious people, it is as much for its artistic direction sought as for its well thought out gameplay. To a point where even today, titles are perfectly playable and fun to browse. The art deco / dieselpunk aspect helps BioShock not to bite the dust too graphically, despite a technique that necessarily shows the weight of the ages. The scenario sought and the various moral choices easily involve the player, whether he is a regular or a neophyte.

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Yes, BioShock deserves to be played (or discovered) these days, although some procedures have aged less well than others.. The loading screens that cut progress, for example, remind us that these works came at a time when it was difficult for developers to load the continuation of a level without completely cutting off the action. The jump placed on the “XOf the first two strands is not the most ergonomic. Fortunately, the game is generally devoid of passages using the platform. We remind you that the BioShocks of this compilation have all the downloadable content released to date. The first episode therefore contains the bonus levels “Individualism”,“Terrible events”And“Worlds of pain”, In which he is asked to save Little Sisters. It also contains reports and a museum, a place where the secrets of the title are made. BioShock 2 integrates “Protector’s Trials”And“the Den of Minerva”While BioShock Infinite offers DLC“Heavenly Carnage”In addition to the two episodes of“Underwater tomb”. A sturdy content that has enough to immerse the adventurer in over forty hours of play.

Technically compliant

BioShock: The Collection - A Switch version that holds water

The Switch versions of these great titles in video game history meet key expectations. The games are fluid no matter the situation, and they are perfectly playable at Joy-Con. They nevertheless lose the 60fps of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions in favor of the 30fps. Graphically, if the first BioShock shows its limits more quickly, its little brother Infinite released six years later is naturally doing better. However, the rendering of the first two games lacks clarity, and we can easily distinguish the aliasing on the edges of the characters. In close-up, some textures are stain. Worse, some elements range from fair to frankly missed because of a definition far from being at the top.

video“>Gameplay: It’s time to restore power in the Den of Minerva

For so-called episodes “remastered”, It’s always unfortunate to find that objects are bathing a little too much in their original juice, which the television screen highlights. The Nintendo machine still seems to be well exploited, and it’s still impressive to see the BioShocks running on a console that can fit in a (large) pocket. To finish with the graphic rendering, the dark universe of the first two episodes makes the advance a little laborious when playing in nomadic mode in places that are too bright, despite the options for adjusting the brightness. Finally, concerning the functionality specific to the Switch, BioShock The Collection is satisfied with the union minimum. The compilation does not manage the gyroscopic functions and the touch screen of the console is not used. As for HD vibrations, they prove to be powerful, so much that they can be unpleasant over the length in nomadic mode. It should be noted that BioShock The Collection offers all three games individually. They are normally sold for around twenty euros each on the eShop.

The notes

+Good points

  • The three BioShock + DLC for 40 euros
  • Rapture and Columbia finally fit in the pocket
  • Always interesting games to browse today

Negative points

  • A Switch version at only 30fps
  • Lack of clarity on the first two episodes
  • Textures not always very detailed
  • Unmanaged touch, no gyro function

BioShock: The Collection The main interest on Switch is to offer the three games in the 2K Games series at a preferential rate, designed to be played everywhere thanks to the nomadic capabilities of the small hybrid. From this point of view, the promise is kept, and it is always good to rush into this well-crafted universe today. In order to ensure a constant 30fps, the developers unfortunately had to sacrifice in part the quality of the textures and the general sharpness. Nothing to put off, however, the impeccable artistic direction and successful special effects always ensuring the show. Drowning in BioShock is always a pleasure.

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