The collection of material from the chapel of San Francisco advances

Yesterday began the collection and removal of the material from the façade of the Chapel of the Immaculate, located next to the church of San Francisco, which collapsed on Tuesday night due to the accumulation of moisture.

The work is carried out by the Secretariat of Infrastructure of Cali and the Institute for Research and Preservation of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of Valle del Cauca, Inciva. This, through a crew of 15 people, machinery and dump trucks. This is the first stage of the recovery of said asset of cultural interest.

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“What we assume is the protection of the monument. There were a number of structures that were collapsed, at risk of falling. Therefore, they were lowered in a controlled manner and we managed to put a membrane for their protection. We are guaranteeing that, in the event of possible rains, the monument will not be affected any more”, indicated the Secretary of Infrastructure, Néstor Martínez.

According to the official, Inciva “has accompanied us to separate what is the archaeological remains and the pieces that are fundamental, differentiating them from those that are rubble. We are going to completely clean the place.”

The investment for the restoration of the
Iglesia San Francisco may cost more than estimated, depending on the needs that arise during the works.

In addition, a series of waterproof canvases are already installed to prevent the rains of these days from generating more leaks and causing more damage.

It must be remembered that the investment destined for the restoration of the Chapel of La Inmaculada will cost around $1,000 million, half will be provided by the Ministry of Culture and the other by the Mayor’s Office of Cali and the Government of the Valley in equal parts, according to Has been reported.

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The first works will consist of dismantling a good part of the roof and the piece of beam, which was the side of the facade that was lost, according to María Eugenia Velasco, director of the Popayán school-workshop and who will lead the recovery of the cloister. . In an interview with El País, she assured that the works may take between six months and a year, but this will depend on the evaluations made in the coming days.

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