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Irapuato.- The trees and plants of the park Irekua They have had little damage due to the intense cold that has been registered in the municipality, this thanks to the previous works that were done in the park, said Claudia del Carmen Ojeda Arias, park dispatch manager.

Commented that Comprehensive maintenance has been carried out in the park, especially with the irrigation and maintenance of the green areas in order to keep it in good condition, as well as removing weeds that affect plants.

Irrigation is applied very early, at five in the morning, when the cold is at its peak and this is the way we have to take care of the plants, in addition to the fact that, prior to the cold, the fertilization and fumigation work of one that another plague so that the plant would be strong and resist the cold ”, he said.

The park manager said the affectations are very few and in specific places in plants that belong to the durantas genus, this due to the intense cold And to this is added that in the park, being an open space, it feels even more.

If the cold affects but it is very little, if it is very strong, in fact here in the park if a temperature is being registered, for example of 10 or 9 degrees, the thermal sensation is even colder, it has been registering up to 5 degrees ” , said.

Arias Ojeda explained that for this reason it is that early watering is essential, as this can ensure that the plants are not affectedTherefore, when automated irrigation does not cover all the spaces, they do so manually.

The areas that have been most affected by the cold are where plants of the agapanthus and duranta cuba type and the girl in boat are found, since they are special maintenance plants, but even so when affected by the temperatures, these sprout again, as they have a good application of the fertilizer.

The park manager mentioned that Although they had had low visits to the Irekua due to the pandemic, now the cold has also made people stop going.

If our influx is very, very low, approximately right now we have an influx of 200 users per day, when in other years it was 1,850 daily users, “he said.

He noted that they understand the situation why the number of people has decreased.

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