The coexistence of ‘Movement For’ and ‘Development of Latvia’ has shaken – local elections will start separately

Political association “On the move For the “Latvian Development” and “Growth” parties, which are part of the “Development” / “Party” movement, have decided that all three political forces will start separately in next year ‘s municipal elections, the portal “Delfi” found out “In motion”

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The press release circulated by the movement indicates that the Saeima faction is being strengthened in this way. “We will concentrate the strategic political decisions in the faction, taking them in cooperation with the leaders of the three parties, who will also legally form the board of the association in the future trio,” the political force said.

“In the Saeima and the government, we will implement our joint pre-election program and participate in the work of the government coalition. After the adoption of the budget, the faction will nominate and support a joint ministerial candidacy,” the Movement For “noted.

The three parties will decide on how to participate in the next Saeima elections after the local elections, evaluating the results of both the elections and joint work, as well as the public attitude and how to achieve common goals while maintaining the identity of the parties.

The Delfi portal is aware that such a decision was taken after an internal vote “On the Move For”. It has also been agreed that the work of the association “For Development / For” will actually be frozen, as well as its board will be re-elected, leaving three people – the leader of each party, but no political issues will be discussed in this board. These decisions were made in direct response to the scandals that related to the former Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development Yuri Puce (AP).

“For Development / For” was established in 2018 to start together 13. The Saeima elections, where the political force won 13 seats.

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