The coach of the Chamois Niortais leaves the club to supervise the National team of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Ligue 2 championship has barely started and the Chamois Niortais no longer have a coach. Sébastien Desabre will become coach of the Democratic Republic of Congo team.

The press release published on the club’s website is laconic to say the least. “The Chamois Niortais Football Club announces an agreement in principle for the termination of the contract of its coach Sébastien Desabre. A few words and the end of the collaboration between the club and the coach who arrived in Niort in June 2020.

Saturday evening again after the severe defeat suffered at home against Bastia (1/4) the coach refused to make any comments repeating at a press conference: ” We have to talk about tonight’s game. I am completely transparent with Mr. Hanouna (Eytan Hanouna, president of the Chamois Niortais editor’s note) and the club, and I will communicate on this subject very quickly. This is not the object of the evening”.It must be said that a few hours earlier, it was the account of the national selection of the DRC which announced the arrival of Sébastien Desabre.

Faced with this imbroglio Sébastien Desabre spoke a few hours later on his twitter account to announce his departure for the DRC and thanked the club, the players and the supporters.

Africa is a territory known to Sébastien Desabre, he practiced his profession there between 2010 and 2020, going from the Ivory Coast to Egypt via Morocco, Algeria, Angola and Tunisia.

This Monday morning, the players were in training as usual. It is the other members of the staff who manage the interim. It was radio silence on the side of the players.

Mickaël Hanouna, the sporting director of the club has agreed to answer questions from journalists, he prefers to put things into perspective “It’s something that happens in football. We may be the first, but in the season there are maybe 10 clubs that will change coaches and I’d rather it happen now than later” he says.

On the side of the supporters this Monday at the René Gaillard stadium, it was disappointment and surprise that prevailed. For Steven Berry, supporter and volunteer, it’s bad news for the team “We are a little disappointed that he leaves like that. It can hurt the team. He leaves like that overnight, it’s a bit complicated.”

Same surprise for Jean-Michel Mottet supporter of the club also read:“We didn’t think he was going to leave suddenly like that. At the end of the season, we would have understood, but here we find it weird.”

A somewhat brutal end to the game which leaves the players without a coach before going to face Bordeaux on August 13 at 7 p.m.

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