The CNB issues a silver 500-crown coin with the Albatros locomotive, followed by Jawa

According to the CNB, the special effects create the illusion of sparks flying away from the locomotive and the impression of wheel movement on the coin.

The Czech National Bank (CNB) is launching coins as part of the new “Famous Means of Transport” series. The first in the series is a coin with a hologram of a 498 series steam locomotive produced by the Pilsen-based Škoda, nicknamed the Albatross. It will be on sale from Wednesday.

The Albatros locomotive is considered to be the most beautiful post-war Czechoslovak steam locomotive. “It was established after the Second World War on the basis of a study by the academic painter Vilém Kreibich and is characterized by the use of newly acquired knowledge in the field of construction and technology, thanks to which it was the pride of our engineering and design.” stated by the CNB.

The coin with the Albatross will be presented to the public by CNB Governor Jiří Rusnok on Saturday in the Czech Railways Museum in Lužná near Rakovník, where you can also see the real Albatross (so-called zero series 498.022). It has been inoperative since 2011. “Interestingly, in order to ensure excellent quality, almost every punch needed to create a hologram was used only once,” introduced to the coin Rusnok.

A total of five means of transport will appear on the coins, which the CNB has described as iconic. Another issue of a commemorative silver coin with a nominal value of 500 crowns from the Famous Means of Transport series is tentatively planned for June 2022. It will be a coin with a Jawa 250 motorcycle motif with colored elements.

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