The club defends itself after its friendly match against the Angers reserve

Sunday 13 December 2020 20:40 -Article written by La Rdaction – Respond to this article

Friday, Stade Lavallois and the Angers reserve played a friendly match, which ended in a 3-goal victory for Olivier Frapolli’s men. But we later learned that this meeting should not have been authorized because the FFF had stipulated to the teams that they did not have the right to meet in a friendly manner. The resident of N1 therefore wanted to defend himself.

Laval defends itself

The Laval club therefore wanted to put things back in order and defended themselves, as explained West France, saying “It was not a friendly match, it was a joint training between the two clubs which ended in opposition.” And Laval was keen to give details by explaining that the linesman was a physical trainer or that the two teams were ready to exchange players to complete the workforce. All that remains is to know if the FFF and the Pays de la Loire League will accept these arguments.

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