The Close Relationship between Ashraf Moslehi and Zahra Al-Ola Revealed by Director Manal Al-Saifi

The Close Relationship between Ashraf Moslehi and Zahra Al-Ola Revealed by Director Manal Al-Saifi

Muhammad Sharqawi wrote Tuesday, September 26, 2023 12:24 AM

Director Manal Al-Saifi revealed the relationship of her late husband, the artist Ashraf Moslehi, with her mother, the distinguished artist Zahra Al-Ola, saying: “It was a mother’s relationship with her son. She loved him very much and appreciated him, and always advised me to respect him and not cause his anger and take care of him.” She explained that her husband loved her mother very much, and when her father died, director Hassan Al-Saifi insisted. Moslehi supervised the move to a larger house so that the late Zahra Al-Ola could live with them, and I stayed with them for ten years and was very happy with it.”

She continued during an interview on the “Last Word” program presented by the journalist Lamis Al-Hadidi on the ON screen: When my mother Ashraf died, he was very sad for her. He was devastated and cried a lot, and I was stronger to bear her departure than I was. She continued: “My mother lived with us and loved Ashraf very much, and he spoiled her for years.”

Regarding the most important aspects that she learned from her late mother, the artist Zahra Al-Ola, she said: “I learned from her how to be committed and protect my home, my husband, and my children, and to respect the husband and the family,” revealing that she loves all of her mother’s works except for the movie Doaa Al-Karwan. She appreciates it as a director, but she does not like it as a story and that it causes her pain. Depression since her childhood, saying: “The movie made me depressed when I was young and I was afraid of her dying. I wasn’t very aware of what was happening, so I didn’t like it.”

She continued: “I love all of her films, especially Me and My Daughters and The Empty Pillow, and I am proud to be her daughter and I love hearing about her biography. There is nothing annoying about her roles.” She explained that she loved directing and did not like acting because she did not like to be in the spotlight, noting that she was very jealous of her father from afar. People said to him, saying: “My mother was very jealous of him, one of the people closest to him, and he was miserable and weak-blooded, and I used to care about him a lot, and despite that, he loved her and used to pamper her very much, and he would bring her to breakfast in the morning.”

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