The Clippers and Boston regain the advantage

Aurélien CANOT, published on Tuesday 08 September 2020 at 08:34

Joined by Toronto, Boston regained the advantage (3-2) against the defending champion by winning Game 5 on Monday night. In the West, the Clippers also lead the series again.

After five games, the champion is once again in a mess. Led 2-0 games to zero by Boston in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference, Toronto, passed very close to the correctional in Game 3, had managed almost miraculously to pick up and completely restart the series and at the same time its chances of keep his title acquired last season. Unfortunately for the Canadian franchise, his new defeat on Monday night against Boston in Game 5 (111-89) on the floor of the Orlando bubble came to cool Kyle Lowry and his teammates, who now find themselves losing the exit. It smells even worse for the holding before the sixth game between the two teams that, Monday, the Raptors recorded their heaviest defeat of the series, with a difference of 22 points (111-89) on arrival. The slap, already scathing, could have been even more humiliating for the Canadians, very quickly extinguished. After taking the entry water (25-11 in the first quarter), the Raptors even returned to the locker room at the break, with a delay of 27 points to fill. A mission simply impossible on Monday given the low production of the champions, and in particular of two of their locomotives, Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam, both blocked at 10 points. Opposite, on the other hand, Jaylen Brown took out the heavy artillery, with 27 points in his final counter. Kemba Walker (21 points) and Jayson Tatum (18 points, 10 rebounds) were not left out either. The Eastern Conference final reaches out to the C’s.

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Clippers overthrow Denver late in the game

In the West, the Clippers started well again to find themselves in the final of the conference. The Californians, beaten in Game 2, took matters into their own hands against Denver with a second victory in three games on Monday night in Game 3 (113-107). Unlike that of Boston, the success of the Clippers took a long time to take shape despite the once again monstrous performance of the infernal tandem composed of Paul George (32 points) and the inevitable Kawhi Leonard (23 points, 14 rebounds, 6 passes). Ten minutes from the end, it was the Nuggets and a Nikola Jokic also very fit (32 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists) who led the way, with a lead of seven points which augured the worst for the Clippers . It seemed hard to imagine Denver suddenly collapsing and conceding a fatal 14-4 only to be trailed by three, then six lengths. In the money time, the Nuggets did try to change the situation after this slump, but the damage was done and the alarm clock in Denver sounded too late to hope to reverse the situation in turn. And after a cons by Leonard of a … finger on a Jamal Murray not in a great night (14 points to 5 of 17 on shots, 9 assists), the seriousness of the players of LA at the free throws has definitely ruined the last hopes of Paul Millsap (11 points) and his gang.

Second turn

Eastern Conference
Toronto Raptors (2) – Boston Celtics (3) : 2-3
Match 1 – Toronto – Boston : 94-112
Match 2 – Toronto – Boston : 99-102
Match 3 – Boston – Toronto : 103-104
Match 4 – Boston – Toronto : 93-100
Match 5 – Toronto – Boston : 89-111
Game 6 on Wednesday September 9
Game 7 (if necessary) on Friday September 11

Western Conference
Los Angeles Clippers (2) – Denver Nuggets (3) : 2-1
Match 1 –Los Angeles Clippers – Denver : 120-97
Match 2 – Los Angeles Clippers – Denver : 101-110
Match 3 – Denver – Los Angeles Clippers : 107-113
Game 4 on Wednesday September 9
Game 5 on Friday September 11
Game 6 (if necessary) on Sunday September 13
Game 7 (if necessary) on Tuesday September 15th

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