The cleaning lady who became the head of the settlement was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize :: Politics :: RBC

The author of the article, Dmitry Popov, writes that he decided to enroll in this category, since he lectured at the Faculty of Journalism at the International University and had a teaching certificate.

After submitting the application, he received a letter stating that access to the procedure is provided provided that all the personal information specified by the user is correct and he really belongs to the category that has the right to nominate.

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The system warned that he has the right to nominate up to five candidates, but the prize cannot be divided among more than three nominees. After that, Popov wrote a rationale for the application, which said that “a young woman won the local elections in Russia, proving to the whole world that it is a working man who has the right and must exercise public administration.” Then Popov clicked “Finish”, the system issued a confirmation that it had accepted the nomination and it was no longer possible to edit it.

RBC turned to Marina Ugodskaya for a comment.

In the elections for the head of the Ugodskaya settlement, 62% of the voters supported reported Kostroma edition K1. She was the only competitor to the previous head of Nikolai Loktev. Before her victory, Ugodskaya worked as a cleaner in the local administration.

By information Oka.FM, the former head himself asked the woman to nominate herself, so that the elections would not be uncontested. Ugodskaya told the publication that she wants to take over as head, and then resign.

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“It’s hard: I have never had any business with documents,” the woman explained.

After Ugodskaya’s victory, the head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, on the air “Moscow Says” statedthat the woman was aware of her participation in the elections as a technical candidate, but there was “no forgery” in this. Pamfilova concluded that there is no violation of the law in a woman’s victory.


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