The classic arcade x maze-style game “Bomberman” debuts exclusively on Apple Arcade as “Amazing Bomberman” @3C Talent Liao Ahui

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· Published 2022-08-10
· updated 2022-08-10

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Accompanying all gamers for nearly 30 years “bomb-man”, the highly recognizable square head, slender eyes and stubby black eyebrows are impressive, and you can remember at a glance. The gameplay combines arcade and maze styles, and the interesting settings also make the Bomberman game a smash hit. into toys, comics and cartoons.

In the 28th year since its birth, Bomberman has appeared on the Apple Arcade game platform with “Amazing Bomberman”. It was created by KONAMI, a well-known Japanese game maker. This time, it focuses on games and images. The pictures in the maze are no longer just pixel grids. The composition, the meticulous comic style and the rhythmic soundtrack composed wholeheartedly for the game, allow players to place bombs and fight opponents with the beat in a limited space.

The new game also adds a practice mode and a “Friend Battle” mode. Players can train their feel and control in the maze by themselves. After practice, they will meet with friends in the same space to fight as much as they like, creating a remote control game console that seems to be sitting on the streets of Tokyo. The super nostalgic situation.

Amazing Bomberman Game Trailer

《Amazing Bomberman》:

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