The Civil Guard seizes 1,300 mobile phones in the Port of Tarifa

Civil guards from the Fiscal Section of Tarifa, in collaboration with officials from the Tax Agency, have intercepted more than 1,300 hidden mobile phones in a vehicle.

The events occurred while the agents were carrying out the control habitual in the area set up for the inspection of vehicles that embark daily bound for Tangier.

During the search of a vehicle, the agents found hidden in the spare wheel and under the rear seats, the number of more than 1,300 mobile phones of different brands (Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Aquos), whose market value exceeds 125.000 euros.

The vehicle was occupied by two people of Moroccan origin who did not present no documentation to protect the legal origin of the terminals, which have been intervened in the offices of the Customs of Tarifa.

The agents have been able to know that the phones have arrived in Tarifa coming from other countries Europeans and have opened an investigation to verify its possible illegal origin.

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