The Civil Guard plans to incorporate a marine robot in the search for the missing girls in Tenerife | Radio Club Tenerife

The Civil Guard plans to incorporate a sonar and a marine robot from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) to join the search device for the girls Anna and Olivia, who disappeared along with their father, Tomás Gimeno, on April 27 in the Tenerife island.

This has been announced by the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, who has indicated in statements to the media that they are in talks with the Institute of Oceanography “to be able to count on their means and to be able to contribute a little more light to this matter. “.

María Gámez pointed out that the incorporation of these two media will be “shortly”, once the IEO and the Court of Instruction number 3 of Güímar have authorization, to be able to access the information that appears in the summary, which remains secret .

The general director commented that today she has held a meeting with part of the team responsible for the investigation, as well as with the operational means that have been “without rest” for twenty days participating in the search for the two girls and their father.

Knowing that there is a summary secret, María Gámez affirmed that the Civil Guard “does not cease for a single day, not a single moment in the efforts and has put all its personal and material means to resolve this disappearance as soon as possible, which is Our priority”.

Likewise, he highlighted that members of the Civil Guard’s Central Operational Unit (UCO) are also supporting this device, in which more than seventy people from air and maritime means participate every day, as well as land means.

Gámez highlighted the generosity of many other institutions that “from the first moment” are collaborating with the Civil Guard, such as Maritime Rescue, Customs Surveillance; emergency means of the Autonomous Community, Civil Protection, Local Police and public institutions such as the University of La Laguna or the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

At the same time, he highlighted “the tenacity, dedication, effort and personal commitment” that the Civil Guard troops who are participating in the search are putting in, as well as all the public and private institutions that are helping, well ” we are committed to giving peace of mind to the mother and also to Spanish society “.

Regarding the investigation, he affirmed that he cannot and should not give information due to the secrecy of summary and for the sake of the investigation itself, but he did point out that for the moment all hypotheses are kept open.


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