The Civil Guard dismantles a band dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women in the province of Alicante

TheCivil Guardhas, for the time being, detained six members of a criminal organization, which is accused of the alleged crimes of sexual exploitation, public health (drug trafficking), money laundering, against the rights of workers and the ofcriminal organization. His two main leaders have already entered provisional prison.

At the end of August last year 2019, agents of theJudicial Police Team of the Civil Guard of VillenaThey learned of the existence of a flat, located in the town of Castalla, where the prostitution of various women was possibly taking place. After the first inquiries began, the agents learned that this apartment was “run” by an Italian citizen, who had similar backgrounds to those now investigated, since he was arrested in 2006 for the same type of crime.
Thanks to the investigation, the agents have been able to demonstrate their economic enrichment, throughsexual exploitationof women, being theirmodus operandithe next:

The victims, who were captured through an extensive network of advertisements published on websites specialized in prostitution services, came mostly from third countries, such asParaguay, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, and Russia, although there is also evidence of Spanish victims.


To obtain women’s consent, theleaderThe organization inquired, previously, about the most vulnerable possible factors of all of them, it could well be the economic one or the lack of roots and other personal issues. As an example, only in2019A total of 25 women have been counted, who have been subjected to sexual exploitation by the organization, both in the aforementioned Castalla apartment (offered in the extensive network of web ads, personally administered by the leader) and in homes private customers, to which some of them traveled.

This was to ensure the maximum economic return from the sexual services reported by women, the radius of the “sexual service at home” being quite wide, covering locations such asAlicante, Sax, Banyeres de Mariola, Villena, Alcoy, Muro de Alcoy, Jijona, Campo de Mirra, Ibi and even Caudete (Albacete).

For this, the organization had up to 3 individuals, who performed the functions of women’s chauffeur, 24 hours a day. Continuing with the investigation, it was possible to find out the existence of two women, of Romanian and Cuban nationalities, who played the role of“madame”.

Through them two, the main ringleader carried out thecontrolsnecessary on the rest of the women in the apartment, in terms of distribution, organization, duration and accounting of the services performed, as well as giving orders and instructions regarding the services requested at home.

A very lucrative business

Theresearchersof the Civil Guard have been able to know, thanks to thecareful analysisand economic study of this person who, in one of his bank accounts, had entered, in a period of only 10 months, the figure of 20,000 euros, from prostitution.

To this we must add that the head of the organization, to obtain more performance if possible from hissex businessand, with this, greater economic benefits established, among sexual clients, a parallel business, drug trafficking (cocaine). To do this, it used the collaboration of a septuagenarian from the town of Ibi, who was in charge of carrying out the distribution (retail) to regular consumers who, by phone, requested the drug, 24 hours a day and from all locations in the region of theFoia de Castalla.

Already in the last phase of the investigation, the ringleader decided to open a bar, in the town of Ibi, where he could continue trafficking cocaine and, in addition, through said business“legal”to be able to launder the money obtained thanks to its various criminal activities.
With all this information, the agents decided to enter and register the 3 places related to the organization: the Castalla floor, the Ibi bar and another floor, in Ibi.


In them, a total of 40 grams ofcocaine on rock, 10 grams of cocaine in doses, arranged for sale, various material for cutting (adulteration) and handling of cocaine, 86 male and 12 female viagras, 11 mobile phones and 2,890 euros in cash (plus their 7 blocked bank accounts, to root of the investigation). In addition, the agents have intervened abundant documentation, which continues to be analyzed.
So far, a total of 6 people have been detained: 5 men, 2 Italians and 3 Spaniards, between the ages of 72 and 46 and 1 woman, 31-year-old Romanian. The investigation is still open, so new arrests are not ruled out.

Detainees are charged withcrimes of sexual exploitation, against public health (drug trafficking), money laundering, against the rights of workers and that of criminal organization.

All of them have already been made available to theJudicial authorityTwo of them, those considered to be the main ringleaders (one Italian and one Spanish), were placed in preventive detention and the remaining 4 were provisionally released with charges, awaiting trial.

The operation has also collaborated with theInvestigation Area of ​​the Ibi Civil Guard, the Organized Crime Team (ECO) and the Citizen Security Unit (USECIC), both from the Alicante Command and the Cynological Service of the Alicante and Madrid Commanders.

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