The city of Ulm forbids “Querdenker” parade in rush hour traffic on the Altstadtring


The city of Ulm did not approve a requested car parade of the initiative “lateral thinking” on Monday in rush hour traffic through the city center of Ulm. Markus Haintz, spokesman for the initiative, wants to take legal action against it. “The courts will most likely overturn the decision,” announced Haintz on social media.

The registered meeting represented a threat to public security, which would affect the rights of third parties worthy of protection in a particularly significant way. “The Altstadtring is the main artery of downtown Ulm,” said an email from the city to the “lawyer and civil rights activist” Markus Haintz, which he published verbatim on his social media channel.
Even at the gathering last week, which was registered as a car parade, there was “considerable traffic disruption and noise pollution with corresponding complaints,” argues the city. Also, “the person registering for the meeting of November 16, 2020 in the social media, Mr. Haintz, announced that the aim was to circumvent the MNB requirement and to block road traffic for this purpose”.
Therefore, the city will “not give a confirmation of the meeting” for the reasons mentioned. The city could, however, imagine issuing a “confirmation of the meeting for a car parade that lasts thirty minutes for the following route: Ulm car park – Messe – Wielandstrasse – Talfinger Strasse – Basteistr. – Neue Strasse – Ehinger Tor, after which the gathering is dissolved .
Haintz sees it differently. “We kept to the distances at every single demonstration, as a thank you we were forced to wear a mask,” writes Haintz to the “dear people in charge of the city of Ulm”.
The reason for the planned ban, safety and ease of road traffic is “downright ridiculous”. According to his “modest opinion”, freedom of assembly takes precedence over ease of traffic and noise pollution is to be accepted. Haintz: “I will attack the prohibition order in court. The courts will most likely overturn the decision.”
He has also taken legal action against the fact that “the city of Ulm has postponed the meeting and limited it to 20 vehicles and 30 minutes”.
He is assuming that the motorcade “can take place as planned on the specified route and in the specified time,” said Haintz.
In this context, Haintz calls on activists in German cities. “From now on every Monday, 5 pm-7pm. Motorcade around every old town in Germany. Top hygienic and with a bit of luck, the vehicle will then be washed at state expense. “



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