The city of the secret party funeral: Who said goodbye to Hana Krampolova (59)?

After missing Hana Krampolov (59) suddenly when she succumbed to the failure of the organ, her husband Ji Krampol (82) decided that there would be no funeral. The town, together with the birds, organized a memorial party, to which he invited a circle of family and loved ones, with whom he remembered his beloved wife.

He arrived first at the memorial party JiKrampol, arrived at 10 o’clock, the first guest guest appeared shortly after nm. The actor’s premises were provided by the family girlfriend, the widow of the former Stanislav Gross (45) rka Grossov (50) in his restaurant.

Her daughter Natlieshe sang for a farewell together with the singer Dan Matouk, they chose a touching duet by Andrey Bocelli and Ariana Grande I think of you.

From the well-known names came the producer and friend of South Pomej Pavel Psek, boxer Rostislav Osika, former Prime Minister Ji Paroubek, Mue of the Year David Novotn. Hanina sister Marie. as si nala i bval dtsk hvzda, vtvarnice Monika Foris Kvasnikov nebo manel Adriena a Ludk Sobotovi.

THE Han Krampolov Father Damin spoke at the memorial event, according to the philosophical leader of the Argentine writer Juan Braun.

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