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The City of New York: The Dominican Republic of the USA

The city of NY houses the largest number of Dominicans who decide to settle abroad, which makes it the Dominican Republic of the USA of America, this in the opinion of the mayor Eric Adams.

In a video posted on his social networks to congratulate the Creole community for the popular parade in Manhattan, the mayor pointed out that the city has welcomed for more than four hundred years immigrants from around the world, which began with Juan Rodriguezthe man who is considered the first immigrant to New York and who arrived there in 1613 from what would be Dominican Republic.

At present, in the state of NY about 935,759 reside Dominicans legally, according to the figures collected as of December 2022 in the Sociodemographic Registry of Dominicans Resident Abroad.

The amount of Dominicans in the state represents 39% of the total number of nationals residing in USAwhich by December of last year totaled 2,393,718, according to the registry of the Institute of Dominicans Abroad.

“This community makes our city more vibrant and joyful,” said Adams, referring to the Dominicans in the Big Apple, who added that “New York City is the Dominican Republic of America”in the video to celebrate the Dominican Parade in Manhattan, held last Sunday, August 13.

Besides, the dominican community in New York demonstrated a growth of 30% in the last ten yearssurpassing the long-standing Puerto Ricans or the Mexicans, the last to arrive in force in New York, according to the EFE news agency.

“The bond of friendship between the New York City and the Dominican Republic it will always be strong and as I walk through this city I feel the energy of this community. I am proud to have appointed the first Dominican Vice Mayor of the New York City, Ana Almanzar“, stressed the former captain of the New York Police.

“We all came from somewhere to experience the American dream and I am honored to be mayor of a city where that dream lives on,” Adams concluded.

The Dominican Parade in Manhattan celebrated its 40th anniversary with the traditional route from Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) with 35th Street to end at 56th Street.

This edition of the parade was attended by the president Luis Abinaderwho became the first Dominican president to attend this activity, considered the most important carried out by the diaspora.

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