The City of History, a new museum under the Arche de la Défense

Opened on January 17 under the Arche de la Défense in the Hauts-de-Seine, the (private) museum presents different routes on the history of France. With the desire to revive the sensations of yesteryear to the spectators.

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Under the Arche de la Défense hides a new museum dedicated to the history of France. The big one like the more everyday one: “There are about fifteen possible immersions. We travel backwards through the history of France, that is to say that we start from today and go back to the time of the Vikings. We cross General de Gaulle’s office, you can even see Louis XIV’s carriage. You have to approach it to hear what he is saying. It’s a way of telling the story and above all bringing it to life”explains Franck Ferrand, journalist and director of the museum.

Napoleon’s command tent, coal mine, battle of Verdun or storming of the Bastille, visitors can stroll through rooms more real than life where temperature, humidity, sounds and air currents are reproduced.

“History enthusiasts or those who are simply curious will be welcomed into a universe designed by the immense decorator that is Jacques Garcia, then will enter fully into breathtakingly realistic stagings and sets created by Thierry Retif”explains via a press release François Nicolas, president of Amaclio Productions.

But why the creation of such a museum when there are already so many in the capital? “We noted a lack, there is no City of History in France. There are many on other themes, such as wine. Even if there are many museums on the history in Paris, there are none in city format. We are in a place that has a desire for entertainment, to bring interest to the story. We do not present works “explains Louis-Xavier Nicolas, Director of Development and Communication at Amaclio Productions.

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A first for this event company which hopes to capitalize on its know-how. “We are not afraid of competition. We do not claim to replace museums or monuments. It is a place with a larger audience. The goal is that visitors then go to specific museums”he continues.

As for the place chosen, under the Arche de la Défense, the person in charge indicates the difficulty in finding a place with such a high ceiling height (up to 10m in height).

While it didn’t have experience building museums, the company already had some in virtual reality (VR). She imagined the “Eternal Notre-Dame” route which allows you to visit the cathedral at the time of its construction thanks to this technology. The route (which takes place under the forecourt of Notre-Dame) is also available in the new Hauts-de-Seine museum.

Another curiosity of the City of History, a 360° cinema called ellipse. 70 meters in circumference and 7 meters high: the spectator can move around to retrace the journey of a major historical figure. The first incarnate is, of course, Victor Hugo.

“In this ellipse, images are projected onto architectures. This is Amaclio’s know-how. We can say in a certain way that the ellipse is a gateway to history, to what the audience currently sees only in books”continues Franck Ferrand.

Finally, who said that timelines were off-putting? This time, it’s up to children and adults to choose the dates that interest them.

“It is 170 meters long and through 400 dates we can examine 2,500 years of history, all civilizations, all countries combined”continues the director of the museum.

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And musée which has a certain price: 19th at reduced price and 24th at full price. Free for children under 7 years. Open Tuesday to Sunday.

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