The city of Darmstadt takes care of the street cleaning itself

SFor years, the Darmstadt city administration has registered a sometimes considerable negligence in the cleaning of the streets, insofar as this is done privately. For this reason, the city now sees itself forced to introduce a comprehensive cleaning of the streets by the public sector. The Darmstadt treasurer André Schellenberg (CDU) has now announced this. The new regulation is said to take effect from January next year.

So far, the city has ensured cleanliness in three quarters of all streets in Darmstadt. For a quarter of the road network, the responsibility for cleaning the streets once a week lies in private hands. More specifically, it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure clean and safe sidewalks. Whether they take care of it themselves or hand it over to private service providers is up to them. This includes both winter service and the removal of leaves.

Landowners neglect their duties

However, according to Schellenberg, “a large number of property owners” only fulfill this obligation irregularly or not at all. In recent years, so-called littering, i.e. the careless throwing away of waste on public streets, sidewalks and parks, has also reached proportions that also force action.

For Schellenberg, taking over responsibility for street cleaning completely by the city is by no means a form of patronizing the homeowners, but serves the overriding goal of creating a uniformly clean cityscape. This ultimately serves all citizens, and it also benefits the economy. Schellenberg is certain that cleanliness is one of the most important factors that make a city an attractive place to live and work. In addition, a clean environment always increases the sense of security.

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The Treasurer also sees synergy effects from a comprehensive public street cleaning service because it enables the company to adapt its cleaning districts and optimize its route planning for municipal tasks and services. This not only avoids an increase in the street cleaning fee, it even makes it possible to slightly reduce the fee, Schellenberg continued.

According to the information, the city council is expected to deal with the complete transfer of street cleaning to the responsibility of the city at its meeting in June.

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