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The City is mobilizing for blood donation » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

By renewing the agreement with the Amicale des Donneurs de Bénévoles de La Valette et du Revest and the French Blood Donation Establishment (EFS), the City wishes to make Valetto residents aware of the importance of blood donation.

On July 21, Thierry Albertini, the mayor, Jacques Semenou, president of the Amicale des Donneurs de Bénévoles de La Valette et du Revest, and Alexandre Talamoni, representing Jacques Chiaroni, regional director of the EFS, renewed the agreement in presence of fellowship members.

“Blood donation is an important fight. Since the health crisis, the collection offer has been disrupted and today we can clearly see that it is difficult to find the number of pocket collections before the crisis. With this agreement that we are renewing, we affirm our support for this cause which is particularly close to my heart, as a former caregiver. My team and I are proud to sign this agreement in order to facilitate the organization of collections and promote the culture of giving and solidarity,” assured Thierry Albertini.

On the other hand, Alexandre Talamoni underlined: “La Valette-du-Var is one of the most active municipalities in this area. On average, there are 800 people who donate their blood, at least once a year, in the town and 400 Valettois who come to the transfusion center of the Sainte-Musse hospital for blood, plasma or platelet donations. “.


He added: “To give blood is to make the choice to save lives. Today, there is no treatment or synthetic drug capable of replacing human blood. This voluntary and benevolent act is therefore irreplaceable. In France, the needs to treat the sick require 10,000 blood donations per day. And this figure is tending to increase… Indeed, until 2013, under the combined effect of longer life expectancy and advances in medicine, the consumption of blood products recorded an increase of 1 to 3% per year”.

The need for red blood cells thus increased by 29% between 2002 and 2012. Blood donation makes it possible to treat more than one million patients each year in France. Blood products are used in two main scenarios: emergency situations (haemorrhage during childbirth, accident, surgery, etc.) and chronic needs (blood diseases and cancers).


The EFS faces two difficulties that have a strong impact on blood reserves.

“The first, since the start of the health crisis, the cancellation of numerous mobile collections (especially in universities and businesses) has led to a significant drop. Unfortunately, this phenomenon still persists (sectors still slowed down, teleworking or still unavailable premises). The second, a drop in levies on ongoing collections, due to the strengthening of health security measures and which caused a drop in donor attendance, some of whom have not returned to the path of donation. Already donors or not yet, all are particularly expected in the 6 donation centers of the region in Aix-en-Provence, Arles, Avignon, Marseille, Nice and Toulon as well as on all the collections set up in the territory. , concluded Alexandre Talamoni.



Association of Voluntary Blood Donors of La Valette and Revest

Town hall – Place General de Gaulle

La Valette-du-Var (06 14 22 89 74)

French Blood Establishment (EFS)

54, rue Henri Sainte-Claire Deville

Great Hall of the Sainte-Musse hospital in Toulon

04 98 08 08 50 – Azur number 0 810 810 109

Book your slot!

For all collections, the EFS welcomes donors by appointment to facilitate donations. This makes it possible to reduce the waiting time and to better manage the care of each donor while respecting the distancing measures. Login to www.resadon.fr to reserve a time slot or contact the Maison du don closest to you. Blood donations are possible every eight weeks. People who gave their blood at the start of the lockdown can come back for collection!

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