The Chinese women’s football team suffered the first defeat in the warm-up match 1-5 Liu Yanqiu scored a goal Shui Qingxia.

Original title: The Chinese women’s football team suffered the first defeat in the warm-up match 1-5, Liu Yanqiu scored a goal, and the Shui Qingxia Army continued to cheer

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The Chinese women’s football team ushered in a game against the local U16 men’s football team in the town of Davis in San Francisco on August 8, Beijing time. In this game, the opponent’s physical confrontation has a clear advantage. In this case, the Chinese women’s football team scored a goal with Liu Yanqiu’s kick. In the end, they lost 1-5 to their opponents. Although the Chinese team lost this game, we gained a lot in this game. We are now continuing to work hard to prepare for the war. According to the plan, we will also have two high-quality warm-up matches in the next two days.

In this Chinese women’s football match against the local U16 team of San Francisco Davis, Liu Yanqiu scored a world wave and helped the Chinese team score a goal. Although we lost 1-5, this game has helped a lot to improve the strength of the Chinese women’s football team. This game is also the fourth game since Shui Qingxia led the Chinese women’s football team in overseas training, and it is also the first defeat in overseas training.

The Chinese women’s football team led by Shui Qingxia will be training in the United States for about a month and has already played four matches. The first three games included games against two U.S. Second Division teams and one U15 men’s soccer team. We have two wins and one draw respectively. In order to improve the effect of Chinese women’s football overseas training, the warm-up teams we provide for women’s football girls include strong teams and relatively weak teams. We chose to play transgender matches with the local young men’s football team to train the female football players how to practice our tactics and improve our offensive efficiency and defensive capabilities in high-intensity and highly confrontational arenas.

In the Asian Cup at the beginning of this year, the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup championship against strong teams such as South Korea and Japan. Of course this is not enough. Our goal is to do well in international events like the World Cup Olympics. The Chinese team, which has won the Asian Cup championship, has undoubtedly won tickets for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. In order to better prepare for the 2023 World Cup, the Chinese women’s football team has gone to the United States for overseas training in order to improve our strength.

Of course, we will train overseas in order to better enhance our strength. The teams we meet have strong teams and weak teammates. There are teams that have the advantage of physical confrontation and teams that have the advantage of technical and tactical level. This is all to better enhance the combat effectiveness of the Chinese women’s football team. In terms of the Chinese women’s football team led by Shui Qingxia in the United States this time, the coaching staff of Shui Qingxia will also arrange more opportunities for young players to play games. In the selection of more outstanding young players and training newcomers, so as to make the Chinese women’s football team more energetic.

Next, the Chinese women’s football team will continue to practice in the United States. We don’t focus on the performance itself during the zipper, but on every match. Our need to play more with high-level teams is obviously conducive to improving our strength. We also expect Shui Qingxia Corps to continue to work hard and improve their combat effectiveness in the next time. Fight for good results in next year’s Women’s World Cup.

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