The Chinese men’s volleyball team defeated the Japanese group and regained the Asian Cup title

The Chinese men’s volleyball group defeated the Japanese staff to regain the Asian Cup championship. The two athletes from Xiaoshan are ready for you at the Asian Games in front of their doorstep.

Xiaoshan every dayOn the night of the 14th, in the 2022 men’s volleyball Asia Cup last, the Chinese men’s volleyball workforce defeated the Japanese group 3: to acquire the championship. Athletes Li Yongzhen and Wang Bin, sent by the district athletics faculty, fought facet by facet with their teammates and worked tricky to aid the Chinese men’s volleyball team return to the best of Asia right after ten a long time.

It is noted that this year’s 2022 Men’s Volleyball Asian Cup held in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, and the 2022 Women’s Volleyball Asian Cup to be held in Pasi City, Philippines, will be the past activities of Volleyball Asian Cup. Starting in 2023, the event will be renamed and held every single two several years in annual, so this match is the last match of the men’s volleyball Asian Cup. The very last time the Chinese men’s volleyball crew gained the Asian Cup was in 2012, when the Chinese men’s volleyball workforce defeated the Iranian men’s volleyball workforce 3: 1 in the closing, winning the initially volleyball championship. of the Asian Cup.

Both of those Xiaoshan athletes executed very well in this party. Li Yongzhen, who was plagued with injuries, did not fully recuperate from the foot personal injury, but with his excellent defensive capability and fantastic bodily explosiveness, he designed incredible performances in the sport from time to time Wang Bin, a youthful teen who was selected in August this calendar year, has a confined range of chances. Playing time dared to combat and dared to struggle, he remaining a deep impact on all people.

Li Yongzhen, born in 1998, initially from Liaoning, joined the District Junior Athletics University in 2010. Wang Bin, born in 2001, is at first from Dangwan, Xiaoshan, and joined the District Junior Athletics School in 2012. Zhang Jinlong, the Volleyball mentor of the District Junior Sports University, mentioned the two kids are in superb bodily problem, and also the teaching is extremely difficult and they have a whole lot of momentum. Their intention is to perform volleyball effectively and acquire glory for the place.

24-year-previous Li Yongzhen is now the nationwide team’s most important secondary forward, and has executed perfectly in the Environment Men’s Volley League level of competition this 12 months, ranking sixth in the particular person technological blocks figures. He is handsome and has a large amount of lovers outdoors the club. He is the very first volleyball participant to be coached and despatched to the national crew by the Junior District Sports University.

“Put up-01” teen Wang Bin is the new principal forward of the Chinese men’s volleyball workforce. Even though he did not take part in the Men’s Countrywide Volleyball League, he was chosen for the nationwide group in August this calendar year and gained the Asian Cup with the crew. Being the youngest member of the nationwide team, he executed incredibly calmly in the sport. Nationwide mentor Wu Sheng also stated: “He has this issue and now he will give him the opportunity to contend.” Xiaoshan boy, I imagine that immediately after the competition has tempered, the long run will provide us extra surprises.

Each and every accomplishment is inseparable from the irrigation of sweat, and the realization of every aspiration is inseparable from persistent efforts. Just after the Asian Cup, Li Yongzhen and Wang Bin returned to Serbia to educate in planning for the Environment Cup which will get started in late August. Next calendar year they will consider the phase of the Asian Online games and win glory for the place and Xiaoshan on their doorstep.

Supply: Xiaoshan Each day Creator: Yu Haibo reporter, correspondent Wang Fangzheng Publisher: Zheng Haiyun

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