The Chinese media are afraid to see the rebirth of the Indonesian Under-20 national team under the care of Shin Tae-yong! : Okezone ball

AVERAGE China fear of seeing the resurrection Indonesian National U-20 Shin Tae-yong’s education will be examined in this article. The Indonesian Under-20 national team who qualified for the 2023 Under-20 Asian Cup received the spotlight from the Chinese newspaper Sohu.

The media have claimed that Vietnam will no longer dominate Southeast Asian football in the future. In the media, Indonesia is said to dominate Southeast Asian football.

As is known, the certainty of qualification was obtained after the Indonesian Under 20 national team won in the last match of the qualifying phase. Incidentally, the opponent faced was the Vietnam U-20 with a 3-2 win.

Since the defeat suffered by Vietnam, the Chinese media have said that the Gold Star team would have difficulties in the future. The presence of Indonesia as a new power is a threat to Vietnam and even Thailand in Southeast Asia.

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“It could be said that this young Vietnamese team (Vietnam U20 – PV) even if they are in the national team, it will be difficult to create momentum in the future. Southeast Asian football has always had a dark horse or two. Thailand first and Vietnam now, but their strength can hardly be maintained, “wrote the media, quoted by the Vietnamese media The Thao 247, on Tuesday (20/9/2022).

Furthermore, the media even claimed that the Chinese national team should no longer be wary of Vietnam in the future. The vigilance was precisely for Indonesia, which suddenly conquered Southeast Asia.

“It can be said that in the future we may not be wary of Vietnam, but of the powerful team of Indonesia. Perhaps the current Vietnamese football has really started to decline, as can be seen from the form of the youth team, “the media continued. Vietnam That.

Indonesia National Under 20 team

“In the next World Cup, even if Vietnam is in the same group as us, they will not be threatened. On the other hand, before the sudden appearance of the dark horse of Indonesia, China must be on maximum alert “, concluded the media.

Yes, the Chinese newspaper’s statement is no exaggeration. Additionally, under the leadership of Shin Tae-yong, Indonesia broke records throughout history by placing two age categories (U-20 and senior) in the Asian Cup.

On the other hand, China also struggled with Vietnam and Indonesia in the 2023 Asian Cup U-20 qualifiers yesterday. They occupied Group A and finished second in the group.

Even so, it is also confirmed that they will qualify for the 2023 U-20 Asian Cup in Uzbekistan becoming one of the top five runners-up. It is the same with the Vietnam U-20.

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