The cheapest Japanese car in Egypt.. Mazda CX-3 will amaze you with all its features

The presence of many car models greatly affected the import operations, and therefore this greatly affected the current economic conditions, which sometimes resulted in constantly rising prices.

The cheapest Japanese car in Egypt is Mazda CX-3

One of the most prominent brands whose cars have recently disappeared from all exhibitions is Mazda, and its cars were among the simple tests provided locally, and which are completely manufactured in Japan, and these cars have been known for many years for their reliability, longevity and practical use to attract the attention of customers, and the Mazda CX is – 3 of the cheapest cars on the level of models made in Japan.

Japanese Mazda CX-3 Specifications

and come Mazda car The Japanese CX-3 is 4.27 meters long, including the base for wheels of 2.75 meters in length, 1.78 in width and 1.53 meters in height, and has a 1500 cc engine distributed over 4 cylinders and works through a natural air intake of 110 hp of power and 144 Nm of torque at 400 Nm at 4000 rpm, next to a 6-speed automatic transmission, rain sensors, lighting, rear electric folding of the side mirrors, livery, transmission, air conditioning and 16-inch wheels, and its official price is 450 thousand pounds.

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