The cheapest in the past four years?Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S21 is rumored to cut prices-Free News 3C Technology

Suspected official rendering of Galaxy S21/S21+. (Image source/extracted from German media winfuture)

Samsung (Samsung) is about to announce the new flagship Galaxy S21 series. According to related news, the Galaxy S21 standard version will be the cheapest in recent years.

It is rumored that the standard version of the Galaxy S21 is the cheapest flagship phone since 2016. Foreign media “Slash Gear“It is believed that this may be related to the Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19) affecting the global consumer economy. For example, the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is rumored to be due to the poor buying of the S20, which led to the official launch. .

According to Samsung insiders, the price of the Galaxy S21 may be only 980,000 won, which is approximately 25,000 yuan in New Taiwan dollars, which is much cheaper than the starting price of the Galaxy S20, which is NT 30,000 yuan. The Galaxy S7 released four years ago (2016) It is less than NT$20,000.

Judging from the currently disclosed specifications, the Galaxy S21 series does not add extra features except the most expensive Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the specifications are quite satisfactory. This may also be the reason why the pricing tends to be conservative and reasonable.

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