The cheapest car in the USA covered over 666,000 km, you can also buy it cheaply in the Czech Republic

Although the Mitsubishi Mirage / Space Star is one of the cheapest models on the European and overseas markets, this pink record holder shows that it can handle a good portion of kilometers with regular maintenance.

When Janice and Jerry Huot from Minnesota, USA, bought a new Mitsubishi Mirage in 2014, they probably had no idea that six years later they would end up in a dealer’s shop window and news about the car would circulate around the world. One thing was enough for that – to drive over 414,000 miles in six years, which is over 666,000 kilometers.

The pink hatchback with the smiling nickname “Purple Won” is no big long-distance driver. Under its hood, it hides only a 1.2-liter atmospheric three-cylinder, which in the model year 2014 (when the Mirage returned to the American market) had only 74 horsepower.

The car, designed primarily for city travel, has virtually not stopped for the past six years, owned by a married couple, and most of the time required only routine maintenance. Somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000 miles, however, the starter left and the wheel bearings were also replaced. But for a small and cheap car with such a drive, these are impressive results.

At the same time, the couple did not brag about the raid of their cheap car anywhere. In the end, he was accidentally discovered by one of the brand’s dealers, where the couple came for regular service. The dealership did not hesitate and expressed interest in keeping the car for promotional purposes, while the couple received an allegedly advantageous offer to purchase a newer generation Mirage model. And after previous experience, he used it.

The Mitsubishi Mirage can also be purchased on the Czech market, where the carmaker offers it under the name Space Star. With a price starting from 239,850 for the sold-out older generation and CZK 265,850 for the newer generation, the Space Star is one of the cheapest models on the Czech market.



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