The cheapest 3 mixers in Egypt with prices starting from 54 pounds.. This is the place to buy

10:31 PM

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Before the electric mixer became popular, whisking eggs, juicing vegetables and fruits, and mixing cookie dough by hand was cumbersome due to the time and effort it took.

But with a small kitchen appliance called an electric mixer, preparing food is a breeze.

The kitchen cannot be imagined without the presence of an electric mixer, one of the basic kitchen appliances, and because it is essential in various homes, we are reviewing a group of the cheapest types in the market.

While you are sitting in your place, you can order a mixer of cheap and high quality types, through the Amazon marketing site, and we recommend some types to you, the first of which is the least expensive and its price is 54 pounds (as of this writing, the price is subject to slight change), which is a mixer Easy to use manual, made of stainless steel.

A hand blender is a quick and reliable solution in the event of an emergency blender failure, and you are not financially prepared to buy a new one.

Also reliable on trips or as an extra in your kitchen, it is a mixing tool like a whisk, with a basic design of a handle mounted on the top, and a motor case with two metal beaters installed at the bottom of one end.

Cup-shaped blender

The second choice is for the electric juicing cup blender, which is hand-held, compact and easy to clean.

It can be used as a regular juice cup and juice blender, mix different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and make a cup of juice within 1 minute at high speed.

And it is healthy and eco-friendly because it is made of new, non-toxic PP/PC material. It is reusable when fully charged and easy to charge when the battery is in use.

Also it is safe enough because of the double safety protection on the switch, the blender cup can make fruit juice in minutes, with a filter to separate residue and liquid.

Now enjoy fruit juice in travel, outdoors, camping, or even in the kitchen.

Electric fruit and vegetable juicer

The third blender is a mini USB electric fruit and vegetable juicer that is portable with a 400ml juice cup and comes in a pink color.

It is made of eco-friendly and food-safe materials, it is portable and you can prepare fresh juice in just 10 seconds and everywhere, at home, office, outdoor and school as needed.

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